Hi there!

My name is Wencke Schmitz and I'm a 19-year-old student from Germany. This summer I wanted to go to England to meet new people, learn a new culture and improve my language skills. I was glad when I found a summer job as an assistant coach at Premier Tennis because I love to do sports and especially playing tennis.

Now I have nearly finished my internship and I'm very pleased that I went abroad.

First of all, I met new people like the coaches, kids and parents from Oxford, as it turns out they were from all around the world and it was very inspiring and interesting to talk to them. The coaches were very friendly and passionate about playing tennis and coaching the kids. I learned a lot from them and developed my language and coaching skills and myself. I enjoyed working with the children and they respected me even though I'm not a native speaker and it was fun to play and to teach tennis. It was wonderful to work outside and to share my passion with the kids. I felt comfortable working with Premier Tennis and appreciate that they cared about me feeling good whilst being in Oxford and working at the tennis camps.

I joined three weeks of tennis camps at the Dragon school, some camp days with 30 kids and some with 80 kids. There were five days of tennis during the week and at the end of Friday the kids were playing a lot of matches. Every day they were improving their tennis skills and playing a lot of sports. Whilst playing tennis the kids developed some core values like working together in a team at the country games, fair play, motivation, tactical thinking and coordination. There is more than one tennis coach for each group of kids. Due to the tennis coaches swapping groups every hour the kids were able to benefit from different views and coaching skills. Above all there is great fun while playing tennis and games. We spent the time together on the court and in the breaks so the kids are meeting new friends. By the end of the first day, you can see that they were looking forward to seeing the other kids on the next days.

One main aspect I enjoyed whilst working at the tennis camp were the other tennis coaches. They are very friendly and professional tennis coaches and I learned a lot from them. We were quite an international team. Not only British but also Spanish, French , Portuguese , Romanian and Polish coaches worked at the camps. It was very interesting to talk to them and it inspired me to want to travel and to learn different countries and cultures. It was great fun to work together in a team and share our passion to do sports and play tennis.