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Well, we all knew that, right?  We’ve long known that tennis has all sorts of physical, social and mental benefits, but now it’s official!  Reporting in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, some clever people at Oxford University have conducted a study of the exercise habits of over 80,000 adults aged 30 and above across some 25 years, and concluded that racket sports (and tennis in particular) helps you live longer… yay!

So, as well as being lots of fun, as well as helping you socialise with people, as well as delivering cardiovascular benefits, as well as releasing endorphins that trigger positive feelings, tennis reduces our mortality rate at any given age by almost 50%.  That’s just the best not-so-new news we’ve heard all year.

Why don’t you read the full article for yourself, we’re heading out on court to hit some balls and enjoy life to the full…